Olympic Stewardship Foundation
A voice for landowners, actively preserving traditional rural values



Swans wintering on Short Farm, Chimacum Valley, Washington

The Olympic Stewardship Foundation monitors natural resource public policy issues around Washington's Olympic Peninsula and assists the regulated community's citizens in working with those issues.  Our primary interests presently include, but are not limited to:

When working with an issue, OSF brings a combination of disciplines to the table, from the scientific to the sociopolitical and legal communities to help design policy efforts that respond to the needs of both our ecosystems and the people who live with our landscapes.  We work toward locally-driven solutions, tailored to local environmental and human needs, because ours are the families and generations who will be living with the results.

We never look at an issue in isolation.  When working with a public policy situation, we are always aware that some pieces of the puzzle have already been solved in other places, and others are being worked on in other parts of the state or the nation at the same time.  We seek to gain from others' successes, while avoiding pitfalls some have encountered.  The solutions we develop are offered as examples, and the challenges we face are shared so that others can benefit from our experiences.

As our membership grows, our capacity for working with new challenges and opportunities around the Olympic Peninsula and with our Puget Sound neighbors will increase.  Let's all get together and share the load!